Presenting Effectively

Learning to present as an architect is as important as any design or technology skill. This module will help you improve your stakeholder outcomes and presentation skills.

Value Stream Details Canvas

The values stream detail canvas is a tool used to understand and design the support for value stream capabilities, the teams working on it and the technology to support the value stream.

Value Stream Canvas

The value stream canvas is used to understand where value is created in an organization driven from customers through control, suppliers and operations.

Transition Roadmap Canvas

The transition roadmap canvas helps to define the major changes which are needed to transform the business to a state which will meet the vision.

Three Horizon Canvas

he three horizons canvas is a facilitation tool to allow a practice or group to determine on which of the horizons initiatives fall into based on their impact and investment requirements.

Technical Loan Request Card

The technical loan request combines the concept of Technical Debt with a repayment schedule in work days, payment, or other means and allows the architect to ensure technical debt is both deliberate and prudent.