IT Governance Introduction

Provides a brief introduction to IT Governance and its history. Useful to begin learning about governance issues.

Architects Roadmap Canvas

The architects roadmap is used to prioritize, assign and connect multiple initiatives within a value stream. It is essential to align deliveries and opportunities within the architect practice and across large teams.

Layered Roadmap Canvas

The layered roadmap provides a tool for understanding the business capability changes, technology services and stakeholder changes rolling out over time.

SCARF Assessment

The SCARF Assessment allows the understanding of how a change, project or other initiative will impact a stakeholder from their point of view.

Stakeholder Empathy Map

The stakeholder empathy map is one of the most useful tools in the stakeholder cards and canvases as it allows a deep dive into stakeholder motivations, communication styles, empathy tools, metrics and communication preferences.

Stakeholder Management Plan

The stakeholder management plan provides the list of groups and individuals that impact any initiative and forms the core of the stakeholder templates, cards and canvases.

Decision Bias Calibrator

The bias calibrator helps architects determine whether cognitive bias is impacting their decisions.

Technology Tracker

The technology tracker helps architects evaluate a new technology tracker for impacts on their environment.

Objective Key Results

OKRs allow the architect to understand and set the objectives the organization is trying to achieve.