Agile Architecture @ Scale

Scaling agility may very well depend on the ability to integrate architecture excellence into the project.

Reactor Pattern

The reactor pattern already underpins many of the platforms you use today, and is now one of the most common ways to deal with concurrency.

Bulkhead Pattern

The bulkhead pattern enforces the principle of damage containment and provides a higher degree of resilience by partitioning the system.


The throttling pattern is used to allow a service to maintain a steady pace when process multiple customer requests. Throttling can be implemented using multiple strategies: •Rejecting requests from an individual user who has already accessed the service more than n times over a given period of time. •Disabling or degrading the functionality of selected nonessential services

Architecturally Significant Requirements

Download The ASR Card is a tool to define an architecturally significant requirement. Card AreaDefinition/UseLinks ToASR and ContextWrite the ASR in common requirements format for your target PM method. Significance and Impact Describe how the ASR is significant and what makes it so. OKRsCharacteristicsList relevant characteristics based on estimations from stakeholders.Strategy and PlanWhat decisions need