API Gateway Pattern

The API Gateway Pattern provides a way for a client to obtain combinations of data from each microservice of a microservice-based application.

Proxy Pattern

Problem Statement When upgrading from a monolithic architecture to a microservice-based architecture, the designer(s) can encounter situations where one service depends upon another. Upgrading the dependency can potentially disrupt the service, and in an extreme situation, the entire system, and possibly affect the development of the system. The solution to this problem is the Proxy

Factory Method Pattern

The Factory Method pattern is extremely useful when a class cannot decide in advance the class of objects it must create. The task of specifying the objects is given to the subclasses, instead. The class delegates responsibility to one of several helper subclasses, and the user localizes the knowledge of the delegate. Factory Method Pattern

Reactor Pattern

The reactor pattern already underpins many of the platforms you use today, and is now one of the most common ways to deal with concurrency.

Bulkhead Pattern

The bulkhead pattern enforces the principle of damage containment and provides a higher degree of resilience by partitioning the system.