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Software Architecture is a profession. As a member of that profession I’ve been asked to contribute to the IASA Blog Architects should. I felt being the end of a year, the holiday season (oh so many holidays) and frankly because it was interesting we should have an architects should have fun column.

First off, let me help you have fun in 2014. iMore and other blogs have sent out their Christmas wish lists – the best things to have at your fingertips technology wide. So as part of architects having fun in 2014 here are my picks for things you have to have!

  1. A Pebble Watch. Seriously – you can get them at Best Buy and Amazon. Without a doubt the concept of Screen as a Service extended to your wrist.
  2. MP3 player – I prefer the iPod but there are many out there. Have your music at your fingertips while you work!
  3. Touch screen computer! Or add a Planar Monitor to your existing setup. Its a great tool when conducting meetings and need to interact with the screen.
  4. Ebeam a system that turns your whiteboard into an interactive session board, connects to web meetings, connects to your pc and allows you to not only conduct the meeting but to capture an editable version of your whiteboard and share it!
  5. Leap Motion controller – without a doubt one of the coolest gadgets of 2013 will make your 2014 computing that much more interactive! Motion is the new touch – add a Leap controller to your life.
  6. Google Glass – what a change if you haven’t gone out to YouTube and viewed the GE and Google Glass video do it. The product is simply a game changer. And 2014 is the year it explodes. As they say in Chicago – vote early and vote often!!!!!

So the reality of this list is they are devices meant to make your life easier. I also recommend that architects spent time on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The future of innovation is exploding on those pages right now.

Architects should have fun!!!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow