Attribute Driven Design – Tackling complexity in the heart of Software Architecture by Manuel Acosta

Presentation Abstract:
In this talk you will learn about how to architect software systems using Attribute Driven Design (ADD) method. A well established method to start designing great software architectures not only when starting from the blank page but also when taking into account existing systems as important constraints in your design. This method focuses on achieving quality attributes responses for our software systems by using important inputs in your design like design purpose, quality attribute scenarios, primary functionality, constraints and architectural concerns.

About Manuel Acosta :
I am a passionate software architecture professional working at Ryanair, a well known airline company in Europe. I speak fluent English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. I have experience in major international software development teams and projects in the finance, insurance, online gaming gambling (betting), and flight booking industries involving J2EE and Java, SE and EE technologies. I focus specially on software architectures, architectural analysis, design and evaluation; realization of business goals using architecture and my communication skills. I love to apply my advanced and strong object oriented skills in those systems.

I’ve been involved in projects starting from scratch all the way until production release and maintenance.

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