Iasa Global hosts a quarterly Virtual Conference that runs on a real-time schedule featuring highly recognizable IT Professional experts in Architecture.

August eSummit: Engineering and Architecture.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Join us for an interactive webcast that is offered in real-time, while speakers present visual aids utilizing PowerPoint slides and desktop applications.

Attendees have the opportunity to interact with presenters in real time.  Please see below for this month’s speakers and topics.

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Time Topic  Speaker
8:00 am (CDT) Value of Architecture to an Operational Engineering Organization Brian Loomis
9:00 am (CDT) Accelerate innovation with the Milky Way Navigational Tool – Your Enterprise’s Map Cecilia Nordén
10:00 am (CDT) What the Stoics Can Teach Us About Architecture Gar Mac Críosta
11:00 am (CDT) Next Generation Compute Architecture  Allen Stewart
12:00 pm (CDT) The Use of Industry Reference Architectures for Finance Alexandre Nardi
1:00 pm (CDT) Architecture Modernization Considerations Wayne Filin-Matthews


Brian Loomis

8:00 AM

Value of Architecture to an Operational Engineering Organization

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Cecilia Nordén

9:00 AM

Accelerate Innovation with the Milky Way navigational Tool - Your Enterprise’s Map

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Gar Mac Críosta

10:00 AM

What the Stoics Can Teach Us About Architecture

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Allen Stewart

11`:00 AM

Next Generation Compute Architecture

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Alexandre Nardi

12:00 AM

The Use of Industry Reference Architectures for Finance

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Wayne Filin-Matthews

1:00 PM

Architecture Modernization Considerations

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So Many Reasons to Attend the eSummit

  • Industry expert presenters

  • New exciting topic every month

  • Live Q&A with presenters

  • It’s totally FREE

  • Attend from your office, phone, or any remote location with an internet connection

  • Earn CEUs/PDUs for attending

  • And, Did we mention that it is FREE

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Upcoming eSummits 2018

Q4 – Wednesday, November 28, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm (UTC-5)
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About Iasa

Formally known as the International Association for Software Architects, we have changed our name to be just Iasa Global, a non-profit association for ALL IT Architects. Iasa Global is headquartered in beautiful Austin, TX but our reach is global with multiple chapters around the world.

Established in 2002, the association is committed to improving the quality of the IT architecture industry by developing and delivering standards, education programs and developing accreditation programs and services that optimize the development of the architecture profession. Iasa membership consists of approximately 80,000 members located in over 50 countries.

It is the mission of Iasa to make architecture the most educated, capable, and recognized profession in the world. Iasa works to accomplish this by advancing proven standards and best practices that help architects in their daily jobs and help organizations to best utilize architects in executing their technology strategies.

Iasa exists to support the development of the architecture profession as a whole. Our association seeks to address several challenges that are present in the field of architecture today:

  • A lack of organizational resources targeted at the architect in their daily role.
  • A lack of common definition for fundamental architect skill sets.
  • Variability of the architect role across organizations.
  • Difficulty in finding like-minded and similarly skilled specialists to interact with  on a peer-to-peer basis.
  • The challenge of categorizing types of architects and evaluating competence.

Iasa was founded to address such uncertainty and strives to enable individual architects to set a career path and follow that career path across organizations in a way that other professions may take for granted.

Paul Preiss – Iasa Founder & CEO

During his tenure at Iasa, Paul has taken it from a single user group with 50 members to an influential global organization with over 80,000 in its professional network. He orchestrated the development of dozens of chapters and leaders in over 50 countries. He brought Iasa to the forefront of the architect profession and employs staff around the world in the growth of the organization. He led the development of the Iasa Board of Education, the Certified IT Architect Professional (CITA-P), the Iasa skills curriculum and is actively working with universities, governments and other professional bodies to stabilize the profession of IT architecture.

Prior to Iasa, Paul was the Director of Engineering and Chief Architect of a large digital asset management company. His global experience stems from the time he spent in Japan as the Chief Architect in Dell Pan Asia. He has worked for some of the largest companies and on many of the largest projects ever delivered including projects for DHL, Sears, IBM, and others. Paul has a bachelor’s degree in Japanese from the University of Texas at Austin.