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About Marcin Wizgird

Marcin Wizgid – Solution Architect and Project manager at Lingaro. Marcin is an IT Architect specializing in the field of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Enterprise Information Management. He dispenses with over 10 years of consulting experience gathered architecting enterprise-wide BI/DW systems on international projects in Germany, UK, Switzerland and Poland for top global companies. At the moment he holds several BI and IT Architecture related certifications: TOGAF 9 Foundation, CITA-F, CBIP and CDMP.

Adventures of CITA-F Architect: Why and when does IT Architect need to create the business case for IT system?

The current business environment becomes gradually more global, more competitive, innovative, responsive and cost-sensitive. The organizations’ need for IT systems improving their efficiency and effectiveness, bringing innovation and enabling them to achieve competitive advantage constantly grows. Every IT system constitutes significant investment of the organization’s financial and time resources. Therefore, it also increases the demand

Adventures of CITA-F Architect Part 2: Can consulting IT architect comprehend the business?

In my consulting practice I predominately observe the “tell me what you want and I will build it” approach of IT guys to the way they introduce the IT solutions. This approach stands in contradiction to this advocated by IASA CITA-F and BTS courses. IASA strongly recommends that IT architects must acquire business acumen so

Adventures of CITA-F architect: Can IT architecture be repeatedly successful?

The following blog post opens series of articles devoted to my personal experiences, reflections and conclusions gathered during introducing into practice the material covered in the IASA CITA-Foundations course. Recently I completed the CITA-F course (tutored by an outstanding instructor Brian Loomis). Furthermore, I have managed to pass the CITA-F exam (which was mentioned as