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Enterprise and Business Architecture Together with Chalon Mullins

Full Member Watch the full interview HERE Chalon Mullins' focus is on using a full range approach to architecture to address pressing business issues. He have a strong interest appropriate use of technology and agile but rigorous processes. He's generally been on the forefront of technology, and helped organizations adapt and apply it appropriately. He

Business Architecture with Laura Ludwick

Full Member Watch the full interview HERE We apply business architecture to align IT strategy to our Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) Portfolio. The business architecture blueprint helps in strategizing initiatives, investments, and goals. We call the enterprise level architecture runway architecture or identify value stream solution frameworks. The sizes of these undertakings are architecturally and

May eSummit – The Art of Organizing Architecture

Full Member by Paul Preiss Paul Preiss, an expert on the architect organization, will guide you through not only the current thinking about architect organizations but a comprehensive engagement model (utilizing any framework you want as well as agile principles) that works in practice. There are as many ways to organize architects as there are

May eSummit – Modernization, the hardest thing you can do in IT?

Full Member by Henrik Glimberg This session will explore modernization patterns and real life challenges of doing continuous modernization from both an IT and business perspective as well as modernizing the actual IT architecture and the architects role in these projects. The result is modernization patterns that are based on variants of for example the

May eSummit – Does Agile Architecture Have a SAFe Future?

Full Member by Per-Magnus Skoogh Agile architecture used to sound like an oxymoron (like hot ice-cream). In some circles it may still be so, but attitudes to agility are changing quickly. In many organizations architects are creating new ways of working. But … what exactly does this strange term mean, and how does it differ

May eSummit – The Architect as an Organizer

Full Member by Eva Kammerfors Eva gives you practical tips and advice on how to architect can use at your core competencies to using architecture to organize the process of change, build teams and engage people around you. Expectations of architecture and architects work has increased and there is no longer possible to hide behind

May eSummit – Project Artifacts in a Compliance World

Full Member by Wayne Anderson In a world of frameworks with many possible artifacts, determining what a set of minimum business required depictions is can be a complicated dance. Stakeholders, the industry, and the organization’s focus on the project all have a role to play. Learn how to connect the governance from your organization’s approach