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About Scott Whitmire

Scott Whitmire is a senior enterprise architect with over 35 years of system architecture and development experience, including lead architect on a number of major applications. His interest in software engineering and architecture began 30 years ago as he recognized the weaknesses of the systems on which he worked, as well as those he had built. He has built or designed applications for several industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, professional practice management, financial services, wholesale, retail, and telecommunications. Mr. Whitmire chairs the Iasa Board of Education, with overall responsibility for the education, training, certification and accreditation programs for Iasa. He is one of the original members of the Curriculum Committee, is one of the initial authors of Iasa’s definitions of software and infrastructure architecture, and led the committee’s efforts to define business architecture as an architecture specialty. Mr. Whitmire is a Senior Member of the IEEE, an Iasa Fellow, and holds the CITA-P certification. He has mentored many architects and engineers, and has served on many CITA-P boards. He has published one book (so far), "Object Oriented Design Measurement," as well as numerous papers, articles, and presentations.

Business Architecture: Investment vs. Cost

When times get tough, revenues have a way of disappearing. Expenses, however, tend to stick around without deliberate and often painful action. The mantra is to “cut costs” or “drive costs out of the system” (these are not the same thing). During this cost-cutting process, the distinction is often made between a profit center and

Thoughts on Solution Architecture

When you think about it, a project in solution architecture is a nightmare waiting to happen. Your task is to build a working solution out of separate, often pre-existing components, integrating them along the way. You may have to work within environmental, contextual, and other constraints, and some of your methods and tools may be forced

On the Value of Business Architecture

Scott A. Whitmire April, 2017 There has been an on-going debate about the value of business architecture, with three main groups of participants. Each group has their focus that colors their view of this value. This article discusses those views and provides an alternative point of view that may prove useful. The first group consists