Iasa Board of Education

The Iasa Board of Education (BOE) is a group of volunteer practitioners and leaders in a range of industries (Corporate, Universities, Government).  The purpose of the Lead BOE is to govern, review and approve ongoing activities/projects within the working groups – Curriculum, Accreditation, Certification.

The Business/ IT Architect Profession

  • Architects create value for their employer/clients
  • There is a thriving community of architects
  • Certification matters
  • Certification credentials are mutually recognized

What is the BOE’s Role?

  • Identify skill sets
  • Create and maintain education program
  • Create and maintain certification programs
  • Monitor re-certification requirements and status
  • Create and maintain accreditation standards
  • Review and accredit college and university programs
  • Create and maintain mentoring program

Board Members

Scott Whitmire – Iasa Fellow & Chairman

Scott Whitmire is a certified professional IT architect with more than 30 years of experience in Enterprise-Level Systems Architecture, Software Development Leadership, measurement and optimization of architectures and systems designs, corporate performance measurement, development, enhancement, and orchestration of technical products/platforms, multi-million technical projects, cross-functional teams, organizational objectives, bottom line results, and delivery of breakthrough products for future growth.

Miriam Grace – Iasa Fellow & Curriculum Committee Chair

Miriam is an Iasa Fellow and member of the Iasa Board of Education where she has served as the Chair of the Curriculum Committee since its inception in 2007. Miriam has been a part of Iasa since 2005, starting with serving as co-editor of the original Iasa Newsletter, and contributing many articles and thought pieces over the years to the Iasa Book of Knowledge.Miriam is a published author, holds a Master’s in Whole Systems Design, and a Ph.D. in Leadership from a Design Perspective. Miriam has taught at the graduate level and is deeply engaged in evangelizing for the profession of Business Architect at Boeing. Miriam also has a rich history at Boeing in the establishment of Business Architecture as a foundation to any IT Architecture work. Miriam teaches on how to create and sustain a culture of innovation at Boeing and advocates for the vital role that mentoring and partnering play in the institutionalization of that culture.

Lewis Curtis – Accreditation Committee Chair

Lewis Curtis is the Director of Microsoft Services Disaster Response (MSDR) and is accountable for the success and safety of disaster relief missions to communities and organizations in need impacted by a major disaster all for free. Prior to MSDR at Microsoft, Lewis held roles as an Enterprise Architect, Infrastructure Architect and as a Program Manager in the Windows Server product team. Before Microsoft, Lewis worked at Sun Microsystems and Digital Equipment Corporation. Lewis has worked with Iasa since 2005 and coauthored Perspective Based Architecture Analysis Method (PBAAM) and attained his MCA in early 2005 and later, the CITA-P. At home, Lewis and his wife are hobby farmers caring for dairy goats, hogs, chickens, rabbits, honey bees and blueberries in Washington state.

Ivor Addo – Certifications Committee Chair

Ivor D. Addo is an Iasa Certified IT Architect – Professional with well over 14 years of practitioner and technology leadership experience. He currently works as an IT Director at Baker & Taylor – the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital content. In his current role, Ivor is focused on providing architectural advise and technical oversight of the company’s key strategic Ecommerce properties. Ivor received his PhD from Marquette University in Wisconsin in Computational Sciences.

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