We live in exciting times, where the pace of innovation and transformation is increasing rapidly and can make or break a company’s future in a blink of the eye.  Architecture is a practice, a set of skills, and a reputation for finding and delivering the most important and valuable digital initiatives for the digital company. Iasa curriculum and instructors prepares IT architects to function effectively as business technology strategists using common techniques and procedures. We have some amazing instructors, and now we’re opening the door for the next generation of Iasa instructors.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Iasa Certification related to the training topic(s) for which the applicant is seeking qualification.
  • Five or more years employment in the field or industry related to the training topic(s) for which the applicant is seeking qualification (e.g., Business Architecture, Solution Architecture, Software Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Information Architecture, etc.).
  • Willingness to travel to locations where training is held.
  • Attend an Iasa “Train-the-Trainer” session
  • Instructors are encouraged to supplement the curriculum with their own experiences, classroom discussion and exercises, and their own relevant teaching material to provide “real world” examples of the concepts taught.

Desired Qualifications

  • CITA Specialist or Professional Certification
  • Previous training experience
  • Two or more references Iasa may contact who have observed the applicant provide instruction.

Teaching has helped me to understand what I do much better. It’s made me a better architect.

Paddy Baxter

I do it to help lift up the next generation and perhaps be a part of driving the progress of the profession.

Barry O’Reilly

Each and every time I teach I learn something new, progressing the complexity of Architecture understanding and seeing students light up when they understand a topic is the most rewarding part of what I can do to give back. That feeling of seeing something come to fruition post the course and seeing how students have grown by the networks built during the class is priceless.

Wayne Filin-Matthews

As an instructor,  I am constantly meeting other architects outside of my own company and context,  learning techniques and discussing current topics.   I also feel that in many ways this is giving back to my profession by sharing this better practice with students from all over the world.  We are part of a community of ethical professionals who implicitly guide digital transformation.

Brian Loomis

As an architect, I am measured by the value I can deliver to an organization. But architects are leaders, and as a leader, I am measured by how well I can enable others. To help architects grow by training them, I am enabling the next generation of leaders and can think of no finer legacy.

Andy Ruth

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