Interview with Giarte CEO, Marco Gianotten

Less technical than our usual interviews, but most definitely worth watching. Thank you for sharing your vision with us Marco, it is always interesting to understand more of our profession from a non-technical prospective

An EA Guide to Digital Transformation

An enterprise architecture team has a tall order getting a digital transformation program off the ground. We met up with Gari Garcia, Enterprise Architect IAG GBS, to discuss. We covered a range of great topics including digital strategy formation and development, PMO integration, innovation management, execution and delivery as well as architecture team building.

How To Be An Enterprise Architect

To become an Enterprise Architect, typically it requires a combination of acquiring relevant experiences, the right skillsets and understanding the various roles in both Business & IT which includes the mastery of dealing with human beings more than with computer machines. In terms of experience, ten years of ‘flying time’ is ideal. Most Enterprise Architects

Where Do You Need Enterprise Architects

Business practices of today have been inherited from generations before, and true to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” spirit, it is extremely hard to break free from decades-old tradition. So, many practices that have existed decades ago, are still being done today even though it may not be relevant anymore. Enter the

Why Do We Need Enterprise Architecture in Digital Transformation?

 IT Evolution: Then and now Since the 1980s, IT departments were only seen as enabling worker productivity, and making sure everything from emails to the Internet to our PCs run smoothly. This was still the computerisation or automation era, and projects were tech-focused; every time there was a new application, new hardware and software were

How to have a Successful Enterprise Architecture Transformation

Architectural transformations are very complex, and it is no wonder that as many as 90% of Enterprise Architecture. transformations fail. From my experience, these Enterprise Architecture transformations fail due to various many-faceted factors, but usually, the root cause is a failure to entrench the culture of transformation within the organization. What do I mean? I’m

Change and Digital Leadership

The world is at a cross-roads when it comes to technology leadership. And it is time for architects to fill out there place in the new digital age. For most of our history technology has settled into two primary groups; a) fun 'consumer' technology like phones and music players and TVs and Netflix and online

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