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Interview with Giarte CEO, Marco Gianotten

Less technical than our usual interviews, but most definitely worth watching. Thank you for sharing your vision with us Marco, it is always interesting to understand more of our profession from a non-technical prospective

StraightTalk Podcast: How Business Models Work With Business Architecture

In this StraightTalk podcast, Business Architecture Industry Thought Leader Whynde Kuehn interviews Linda Finley for a look at business models and the important role they play in business architecture. Linda is President and CEO of Leadership Advantage, a business consulting and education company. Linda is a pioneer in the business architecture professional and corporate

StraightTalk Podcast: The Relationship Between Business Architecture and Agile

In this StraightTalk podcast, Business Architecture Industry Thought Leader Whynde Kuehn interviews Alex Randell on the beneficial alignment between business architecture, agile and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) development methodologies. Alex is a member of the Business Architecture Guild's Board of Directors and Editorial Board, with specific responsibilities as the BIZBOK® Guide Manager. He is also the founder

Architects Are Key To CIO Success In Digital Strategy

I just finished reading this article from VentureBeat: It seems the CIO is getting popular again in executive circles. I have predicted this for many years as digital society forces technologists out into the lime-light and as business, government, and society run more and more on technology over antiquated business patterns. I predict further

Competency Development For Digital Transformation

Digital enterprise architecture (EA) can help to bridge the gap between strategies and realisation, driving business goals to achieve long term sustainable digital transformation, or DX. But, are the competencies and capabilities required on-the-ground, in place to see digital transformation through to its ideal state goal? To fully embrace the power of digital technology,

Standardising The Enterprise Architect Expectation

To become an Enterprise Architect, typically it requires a combination of acquiring relevant experiences, the right skillsets and understanding the various roles in both Business & IT which includes the mastery of dealing with human beings more than with computer machines. If you have been long in this industry, as I have, you may have