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We live in an infosphere (FLORIDI, 2010), where in addition to the analogue spaces of information, cyberspace stands out for its dynamism, ubiquity and capacity for innovation. In this place, where everything is changing, our relationship with information also changes, requires new approaches to better understanding.
FLORIDI, L. (2010). Information: a very short introduction. Oxford University Press. Oxford.

Interview with Giarte CEO, Marco Gianotten

Less technical than our usual interviews, but most definitely worth watching. Thank you for sharing your vision with us Marco, it is always interesting to understand more of our profession from a non-technical prospective

10 Principles of Architect Team Success

Over the years I have continuously written and commented on the chasm that forms between architecture teams. After 15 years of learning from members and working with them on successes and failures we know there is a relatively simple set of mechanisms by which an architecture team can succeed almost every time. At Iasa we

Architecting the ecosystem of Big Data to Actionable Insight

I have been asked to share my thoughts on Big Data and Information Architecture in an internal group of Chief Architects by Iasa Global.  As I gear up to deliver this session, I think about the critical need for an effective ecosystem where Big Data can enjoy a healthy existence - and the vital role