Strategic Roadmap Canvas

The strategic roadmap canvas provides a description of a portfolio or top level strategic view of a set of initiatives, produce/projects or activities. It can be combined.with strategy scorecards and other Strategy tools to define a direction and set of objectives.

Stakeholder Motivation Canvas

Stakeholder motivation helps in understanding the status of stakeholders in respect of a particular set of proposed changes. This can be used to understand how stakeholders position themselves in relation to a portfolio of assignments but it can also be used to assess how stakeholders will react to proposed changes in the architecture, and assess if these changes are feasible.

Stakeholder Initiative Canvas

nvas is useful in determining prioritization of products and projects according a particular stakeholder or a stakeholder group against the initiatives measured value outcomes.

Service Landscape Canvas

When delivering many services within a large organization, services have to be placed within some sort of organizational structure, otherwise it would be difficult to know who owns the service, where services can be found and how to get access to services. The description of how services are organized is the service landscape. The service landscape is rather like a map for services and contains number of service domains, where a service domain is a logical grouping of services.

Service Interface Design Canvas

The service interface design canvas fully describes the elements needed to describe a product, service or API delivered by a team.