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IT Governance Introduction

Provides a brief introduction to IT Governance and its history. Useful to begin learning about governance issues.

Objective Key Results

OKRs allow the architect to understand and set the objectives the organization is trying to achieve.

Agile Architecture @ Scale

Scaling agility may very well depend on the ability to integrate architecture excellence into the project.

Architecture Assessment

Architecture assessments provide an essential tool to reduce risk, increase decision quality and ensure successful architecture delivery.

Modern Patterns 1

The first installment of modern patterns with basic descriptions. A part of the collection of modern architecture patterns for the ITABoK.

Technical Debt

Technical debt is a critical issue for all architects and developers of software intensive systems. Learn techniques for dealing with it.

Investment Prioritization

Understanding how features, products, teams and technology is prioritized is critical for the modern team.

Lifecycles Overview

The architecture lifecycle, or Architecture Development Life Cycle (ADLC), are the stages that an architecture goes through from its inception to its decommissioning. The ADLC provides a guiding process for developing architecture, and helps the architect understand and communicate the state of the architecture.

Service Blueprints

Service blueprints are a design tool for services and service flow used often with customer journeys.