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4 Iasa August eSummit – Distributed AI Systems for Optimizing Human and Machine Intelligence

by Mark Montgomery This talk is based on two decades of R&D in AI systems, including several years in exploring use cases with management teams in global companies. Highlights of the talk include: Governance within the confines of applicable laws: Physics, economics and governments Benefits of a unified network architecture: Interoperability, scalability and ROI Quick

5 Iasa August eSummit – Designing Distributed Machine Learning Systems with Apache Spark 2.0

By Adj. Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella & Jacek Laskowski Apache Spark 2.0 and Scala have been designed to build mission critical applications that address the needs of processing distributed etherogenus data sets. For architects, Spark integrates Data Warehouse and Development domains, it can handle 100X faster the multi-node multi-threaded computing needs of demanding scenarios. In this session

6 Iasa August eSummit – Cracking The Data Science Code – 5 Essentials Skills to Distil Raw Data Into Gold

By Wee-Hyong Tok How do businesses and data scientists work together to distil raw data into intelligent action? Why do some companies drown in volumes of data, while some companies thrive on turning the data into golden strategic advantages? This talk is based on practical experiences from working on various exciting data science projects From

7 Iasa August eSummit – Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing

By Louis Columbus By relying on machine learning to gain greater visibility from the shop floor to the top floor, manufacturers are earning greater customer trust and sales while reducing costs and wasted time. The five ways machine learning is revolutionizing manufacturing, from customer relationships through service and support, are provided in this presentation.

Invitation to my presentation on AI systems for the IASA Global eSummit on Machine Learning (8/17 @ 11am CDT)

What: ‘Distributed AI Systems for Optimizing Human and Machine Intelligence’ When: Wednesday, 8/17/16 at 11am CDT for live version, IASA Full Members can access recorded version Where: IASA Global eSummit on Machine Learning (free with registration ) I would like to thank Doug McDavid for recommending me as a presenter to IASA Global and

Customer Churn Prevention – Beyond The Obvious

by Bhagvan Kommadi The topic which will be presented by Bhagvan Kommadi at the August eSummit (register here) is Customer Churn Prevention - Beyond The Obvious. The presentation is on Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 9 A.M. CST. Businesses in the consumer market and in all enterprise sectors have to deal with excessive churn and influences