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Digital Content Management

  Enterprise Content management consists of capturing, search and networking of documents with archiving, document management and workflow. Digital asset management is a type of Enterprise Content Management where content is stored with digital technology. Open source ECM products are Alfresco, eXo Platform, LogicalDOC, Sense/Net, eZ Publish, KnowledgeTree, Jumper 2.0, Nuxeo, and Plone. The enterprise

She meant Software Architect

Did she just say Architect? Its interesting that in the past five or so years the title of software architect has undergone significant change. The initial argument (He’s an architect – so he builds buildings?) added the software in front of the title. Did she say software architect? In fact she did. Software Architects build

7 Cool Free Open Source Projects

7 Cool Free Open Source Projects You Need to Check Out "The free open source world continues to expand at a phenomenal pace. These are great 'jumping off' points for developing products and technologies." View the Article on As you may know Iasa has recently started an open source knowledge community at This group