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Digital Strategy and Customer Success

We catch up with Lex De Visser from Microsoft on customer management, digital transformation in the manufacturing and agriculture spaces. Great content related to handling customer success and customer journeys while better understanding your business.

Architects Are Key To CIO Success In Digital Strategy

I just finished reading this article from VentureBeat: It seems the CIO is getting popular again in executive circles. I have predicted this for many years as digital society forces technologists out into the lime-light and as business, government, and society run more and more on technology over antiquated business patterns. I predict further

Wayne Anderson – Evaluating Risks

Each day, businesses are presented with new papers, surveys, research, and conference keynotes which highlight threats which could affect their business. Some of these threats are foundational and practical, some of them simply are not. Look at these threats through the architectural elements of the risk management process and ensure your business has a

Max Poliashenko – Application Security 101 for Developers and Architects

Cybersecurity attacks are getting ever more frequent, sophisticated and damaging. The IT departments are in arms race with the attackers, and are at disadvantage. However, even if they manage securing their application perimeter, the juicy and soft target may still remain. It is your Application. It is up to the development teams to secure

Competency Development For Digital Transformation

Digital enterprise architecture (EA) can help to bridge the gap between strategies and realisation, driving business goals to achieve long term sustainable digital transformation, or DX. But, are the competencies and capabilities required on-the-ground, in place to see digital transformation through to its ideal state goal? To fully embrace the power of digital technology,