Wayne Anderson – Evaluating Risks

Each day, businesses are presented with new papers, surveys, research, and conference keynotes which highlight threats which could affect their business. Some of these threats are foundational and practical, some of them simply are not. Look at these threats through the architectural elements of the risk management process and ensure your business has a

Max Poliashenko – Application Security 101 for Developers and Architects

Cybersecurity attacks are getting ever more frequent, sophisticated and damaging. The IT departments are in arms race with the attackers, and are at disadvantage. However, even if they manage securing their application perimeter, the juicy and soft target may still remain. It is your Application. It is up to the development teams to secure

Digital Happiness in the Next Age

I had the great pleasure of getting to interview Menno Van Doorn from Sogeti about concepts in future happiness in the digital age. We discussed innovation and means for companies to harness the great power of the changes in today's society to ready themselves and their businesses for the future. Menno is Director of

An EA Guide to Digital Transformation

An enterprise architecture team has a tall order getting a digital transformation program off the ground. We met up with Gari Garcia, Enterprise Architect IAG GBS, to discuss. We covered a range of great topics including digital strategy formation and development, PMO integration, innovation management, execution and delivery as well as architecture team building.

Business Architecture Best Practices with Whynde Kuehn

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Whynde Kuehn, a major force in Business Architecture practice and professionalism. We discussed the state of the industry and tips and techniques for founding and running a business architecture practice. We also discussed ways IT and business architects can work better together, value management and digital transformation. It

ITARC Southeast 2016

ITARC Southeast is a two day conference experience featuring a full day of four master class training sessions as well as a full day of dynamic speakers on innovation and strategy. ITARC Southeast is the only true architecture conference around. Thank you to all the sponsors and attendees who made the 2016 conference such a

Enterprise and Business Architecture Together with Chalon Mullins

Full Member Watch the full interview HERE Chalon Mullins' focus is on using a full range approach to architecture to address pressing business issues. He have a strong interest appropriate use of technology and agile but rigorous processes. He's generally been on the forefront of technology, and helped organizations adapt and apply it appropriately. He