Cyber Protection & Resilience are the Only Drivers for Successful Architecture Today by Jaap Schekkerman

Presentation Abstract: Cyber Protection & Resilience are the Only Drivers for Successful Architecture today

Sub-Title: There is No place Anymore for Enterprise and IT Architecture, if you can’ t deal with Current and Future Cyber Threats!
Cyberspace has become a full-blown war zone as governments across the globe clash for digital supremacy in a new, mostly invisible theater of operations. Once limited to opportunistic criminals, cyber attacks are becoming a key weapon for governments seeking to defend national sovereignty and project national power.

There is No place Anymore for Enterprise and IT Architecture, if architects can’ t deal with Current and Future Cyber Threats! No Business or IT Leader will accept anymore any Architecture that is Not Safe and Secure. How well designed your architecture looks like and how well it is aligned with the business, if it is not Safe and Secure, it has No Value.

The problem is that most architects don’t have any idea about current and futher cyber threats so how can they create safe and secure architectures? That is the challenge we are facing today and that is why I changed my focus 10 years ago from Enterprise Architecture to Security and Cyber Protection and Resilience.

In todays world we have to deal with strategic cyber espionage campaigns as well as to the destructive, such as bringing down transport and electricity or military cyber strikes on Iran, Georgia and Ukraine. Human and international conflicts are entering a new phase in their long histories. In this shadowy battlefield, victories are fought with bits instead of bullets, malware instead of militias, and botnets instead of bombs.

These covert assaults are largely unseen by the public. Unlike the wars of yesteryear, this cyber war produces no dramatic images of exploding warheads, crumbled buildings, or fleeing civilians. But the list of casualties -which already includes some of the biggest names in technology, financial services, defense, government, steel industry, oil & gas and energy  – is growing larger by the day as we have seen at the Petya attack in June this year.

A cyber attack is best understood not as an end in itself, but as a potentially powerful means to a wide variety of criminal, political, military, and economic goals.

So are you as architects aware of these cyber threats? Can you help your organisation against these cyber threats to create architectures where cyber protection & resilience are the number 1 drivers over all the functionalities? Or do you need to accept that you will be compromised and so are you prepared for such a situation or will it overcome you?

This presentation will drill down in the world of CyberSpace 2017 and will show the real life cyber warfare of today as well as the current state of Nation-State sponsored cyber attacks and the impact these attacks have on organisations, society and industry.

In this presentation I will show you a way forward in architecture to better protect your organisation by showing a structured approach to develop a Security Reference Architecture that will help you better protect your organisation.

The ITARC 2017 is a unique opportunity to share with the audience the current state of Cyber Security and the Role of Architecture and the measures and controls that can be implemented to be prepared to deal with these cyber threats.

The Cyber Research Center – Industrial Control Systems / Critical Infrastructures is an independent, not for profit, research & information sharing, expert center working on the future state of Physical & Cyber Protection and Resilience. Our goals are doing research of ‘nation-state’ sponsored cyber attacks and to inform industries / critical infrastructures about the fast changing threats they are facing and the measures, controls and techniques that can be implemented to be better prepared to deal with these cyber threats. (

Jaap Schekkerman is Cyber Research Director, Thought Leader, Speaker & Publicist at the Cyber Research Center – Industrial Control Systems and an internationally recognised thought leader in the areas of Business Technology Strategy, Enterprise Architecture & Security in Industrial Control Systems / Critical Infrastructure Environments.

Jaap is even so the Founder & President of the ‘Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments’ (IFEAD) founded in 2001, The Netherlands and an Ass.-Professor at the Executive Master Program of a University in Brussels Belgium. Jaap is awarded with the International Global Excellence iCMG Hall of Fame Award for his 20 years contribution to the Enterprise and Security Architecture Profession at the Architecture World Summit 2013, India, where John Zachman Sr. achieved this award in 2012.

Jaap is also an advisor on Cyber-Security topics in Energy Regulations for the European Union as well as for the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) related to the Cyber Security Framework for Critical Infrastructures. Jaap have been recognised by international organisations as a senior Cyber Expert that belongs to the top in the world in Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems / Critical Infrastructure environments.

Jaap is the (co)author of 15 professional books and 100+ articles in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Value Management and Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems. Several of his books are standard study books on more than 25 universities all over the world. Jaap has worked for more than 43 years in the Business, IT & Consultant world and has more than 27 years’ experience in managing complex and large Enterprise & Security Programs in the Defence World, Energy & Utility Markets, High Tech Industry and the Manufacturing and Oil & Gas Industry.

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