The Architect Core course is the foundation level course in which all Iasa courses are based on and was designed by architects for architects. This course provides an introduction to the tools, information, skills and terminology required to succeed in the profession.

  • Engage in scoping initiatives to determine costs and strategic opportunities.
  • Better understand the political weight and usefulness of architecture to stakeholders.
  • Ensure the appropriate prioritization mechanisms are in place to optimize cost/value of architecture initiatives.
  • Optimize project plans to achieve the appropriate balance between resource usage and project duration to comply with organizational goals and project objectives.
  • Course includes the pre-work Iasa Body of Knowledge and CITA-Foundation exam
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Iasa’s architect learning path is designed to ensure the best learning experience. The path begins with the Architect Core course which prepares students for the CITA-Foundation level exam (included in the course). The next step is the associate level specialization courses in Business, Infrastructure, Information, Software and the generalization track of Solution. This offering is meant to cover all architect fields and any or all can be taken by the student. Each associate level course includes the pre-work Business Technology Strategy materials and the CITA-Associate exams.

The next two steps in the path are knowledge and experience level review boards, CITA-Specialist and CITA-Professional.  Find out more on the Iasa certifications here.

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Each day the course instructor will guide students through one to two of the base skills and definitions, discussions and recommended best practice for delivery of Information architecture and value. Students progress through detailed definitions and ontology, instructor and student led discussions, hands-on workshops and industry case studies.

The Architect Core course is offered multiple times throughout the year via online and onsite instructor led training.


“The Core course gave me a lot of value. It provided my team a good jumping off point on how to measure myself and my team against what the business will expect from us. The certification ensures we are all on the same page”
Michael Wojtowicz, Entertainment Partners
“The Architecture Core training course, although involving more work than I was expecting, was well worth it and I am glad that I attended it. I am applying a number of things I learned through the course to my day to day work, and looking forward to feeding more into our Architecture practices at my company.”
Todd Greve, OpenText
“Thank You very much for a great training on Core Concepts around Architecture. Really can’t express it in words how much I enjoyed and how valuable your instructions have been. Really missed taking this earlier but at the same time truly pleased that I did now.”
Suresh Tamminiedi , Stammin Inc.


Self-paced & CITA-F Exam Pricing 

Self study ITABoK (e-book) Only:
Non-member = $50
Basic member = $50
Full member = Free

Self study ITABoK (voice over module) Only:
Non-member = $100
Basic member = $100
Full member = $50

Self study ITABoK with CITA-F exam:
Full member = $300
Your choice on self study version (e-book or voice over)
Non & Basic member = $425 (includes full membership)
Full membership required to sit the exam and maintain certification

Online Pricing

Full Member = $1,500
Non & Basic Members = $1,725 (includes full membership)

Onsite Pricing

Full Member = $2,300
Non & Basic Members = $2,525 (includes full membership)

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