What do architects do in an agile environment, at scale?  Architects as leaders “need to instill agile values throughout the entire enterprise” is a quote from the Harvard Business Review article Agile at Scale.

Architecture&Agile@Scale deals with issues organizations have in finding the flows of value. Agility at scale permeates areas of the business that were untouched by team-based agile practices  – business strategy,  portfolio management, budgeting, procurement, innovation, enterprise demand management. In addition as practices emerge on the delivery side e.g. DevOps. SAFe, DAD, Nexus, SOS have emerged as organizations grapple with scaling agile.

Architects are challenged to understand their role in the context of agile and agile at scale. The initial backlash from agile suggested that architects were unnecessary, however, in large complex environments organizations struggled to manage the overall architecture and roadmap. Architecture&Agile@Scale seeks to define the role an architect plays in any scaled agile environment.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the demand side of agile.

  • Understand how architects contribute to the supply side of agile work

  • Find the end to end flow of value

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Iasa’s architect learning path is designed to ensure the best learning experience. The path begins with the Architect Core course which prepares students for the CITA-Foundation level exam (included in the course).

The next step is the associate level specialization courses in Business, Infrastructure, Information, Software and the generalization track of Solution. Each associate level course includes the pre-work Business Technology Strategy materials and the CITA-Associate exams.

This offering, Architecture in a Scaled Agile Environment, supports and supplements all of the architect specializations.

The next two steps in the path are knowledge and experience level review boards, CITA-Specialist and CITA-Professional.  Find out more on the Iasa certifications here.

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The course instructor will guide students through both the demand and supply sides of agile practice. Student’s progress through various perspectives as core practices emerge.

The Architecture in a scaled agile environment course is offered online several times throughout the year. For onsite training a minimum of 10 students are required. The course pricing is reflected below and includes the CITA – Associate exam and the course pre-work, Business Technology Strategy (BTS) materials.


Onsite Pricing

Full Member = $2,700
Non & Basic Members = $2,925 (includes full membership)

Online Pricing

Full Member = $1,900
Non & Basic Members = $2,125 (includes full membership)

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