GOAL: This course is focused on developing skills in building complex antifragile architectures

  1. Introduction to antifragility theory and practice
  2. Introduction to complexity science and complexity thinking
  3. Learn how not to be fooled by randomness and avoid the JFL syndrome (just feeling lucky)
  4. Designing systems for the future, multi-year, multi-generational system design
  5. Learn about problem-solving strategies for architects working in a VUCA( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) environments
  6. Learn Flow First Design© a process for developing
  7. Learn volatility-based decomposition, a non-conventional approach to system decomposition.
  8. Apply this directly to a cloud environment and validate your design with a real implementation
  9. Apply systems engineering techniques to the architecture including FMEA and ATAM to assess and improve the resilience and reliability of the overall architecture


This program is designed for experienced practicing architects  and senior software engineers.

  • Senior Solution Architects
  • Senior Software Architects
  • Senior IT Architects
  • Senior Software Engineers
  • Senior Systems Engineers
  • Senior Developers
  • Agile and Cloud Teams


This course is delivered in instructor-led format offered online or onsite. Each day the course instructor will guide students through understanding the deliverables and strategy for developers and architects as well as the recommended best practices for delivering a anti-fragile architecture. Students will progress through instructor and student led discussions, hands-on workshops, and industry case studies.

The complex systems course is offered online several times throughout the year. For onsite training a minimum of 12 students are required.

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Day 1: Introduction to Antifragile

  • What is Antifragile?
  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Complexity and Software
  • Flow First Design
  • The Antifragile Architect –  how do I become a better Architect?

Day 2: Introduction to the Cloud and Azure

  • How to learn  in ’The Cloud’
  • Important Components
  • Choosing components

Dag 3: Antifragile Design & the Cloud

  • Flow First Design & Azure
  • Design lab

Dag 4: Antifragile Design

  • Testing your design
  • Advanced Systems Engineering: DSM, SAU & MAU.

Conclusion & Next Steps