Iasa Infrastructure Architect training provides strategic uses of infrastructure, network and operations as an asset. Iasa training gives infrastructure architects the appropriate skills set and focus to carry out successful architecture initiatives.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Develop a solid operational approach across primary business elements (people, process and
  • Refine conceptual design features and functionality.
  • Reach requirements while balancing quality attributes and costs.
  • Establish a process for peer review and design validation.
  • Reduce expenditures related to power and cooling
  • Course includes the course pre-work materials, Business Technology Strategy (BTS) and the CITA-A exam in Infrastructure
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Iasa’s architect learning path is designed to ensure the best learning experience. The path begins with the Architect Core course which prepares students for the CITA-Foundation level exam (included in the course). The next step is the associate level specialization courses in Business, Infrastructure, Information, Software and the generalization track of Solution. This offering is meant to cover all architect fields and any or all can be taken by the student. Each associate level course includes the pre-work Business Technology Strategy materials and the CITA-Associate exams.

The next two steps in the path are knowledge and experience level review boards, CITA-Specialist and CITA-Professional.  Find out more on the Iasa certifications here.

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Each day the course instructor will guide students through, discussions and recommended best practice for delivery of Infrastructure architecture and value. Student’s progress through detailed definitions and ontology, instructor and student led discussions, workshops and industry case studies based on the fictitious Tinkleman company scenarios.

The Infrastructure course is offered online several times throughout the year. For onsite training a minimum of 10 students are required. The course pricing is reflected below and includes the CITA – Associate exam and the course pre-work, Business Technology Strategy (BTS) materials.


Onsite Pricing

Full Member = $2,700
Non & Basic Members = $2,925 (includes full membership)

Online Pricing

Full Member = $1,900
Non & Basic Members = $2,125 (includes full membership)

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