Four levels of certification are offered.  Please discuss the entry point with your manager; we expect PFE and Consultant roles to achieve CITA-F, Architects to achieve CITA-A and a small number of Senior Architects to achieve CITA-S/P by the end of this fiscal year (June 2017).

Certified IT Architect – Foundation (CITA-F) shows awareness of the Foundation ITABoK through a multiple-choice exam.  There are eight one-hour online self-paced modules.

Certified IT Architect – Associate (CITA-A) demonstrates practical application of Associate ITABoK and their Specialization ITABoK through multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer and design challenge questions. There is pre-work, self-assessment, online modules and an online exam. The usual time required is two hours per week for 12 weeks.

Certified IT Architect – Specialist (CITA-S) and Certified IT Architect – Professional (CITA-P) demonstrate synthesis and industry leadership in the Skills Taxonomy, their primary Specialization, depth in a particular domain or sub-specialization, as well as a significant contribution to industry and profession through research, mentoring and other contributions. This will be demonstrated through experience, documentation, presentation, contribution descriptions, verification and online or in-person panel interview.  The full CITA-P is a 24-week certification program; however, the initial assessment may indicate areas of existing competence or a preference for a deep specialization resulting in CITA-S.

In any case, this program will take a significant commitment of time and you should discuss with your manager and plan on how this commitment will fit with your consulting engagements and your home /work balance. The first cohorts will complete certification early in FY18.