How to Give Feedback

The ITABoK has existed for many years. It works. We know that from both individual and corporate members. However, we’ve never made it this public before. It has always been tucked away behind our training. Now that is changing. We are making a people-first body of knowledge, and we want you to give feedback.

A few ‘rules of the road’ in adding your comments.

  1. This is a body of knowledge. It has been taken from 13 years of working practice in the field and from our experts. It is not opinion. It is not a place to air yours. If you would like to write an opinion piece we will be happy to host it as long as you can structure a cogent argument about improving the ITABoK or something that will help an architect be successful. Comments that are complaints, abusive to the author or simply negative will be removed. Continued abuse will result in banning from the site.
  2. Keep in mind Iasa is working to prepare organizations for a specific type of practice. We are interested in the innovator; the business technology strategist who can execute. We are aware that there are many are other definitions, practices and programs out there. We are not saying they are wrong. Nor are we trying to duplicate them.
  3. Give references and/or case studies when you make a comment or suggestion (these will be kept private but use your judgement unless we have signed an NDA, you take all responsibility for the information you submit on the site). Please describe more than just ‘we did it this way at this company’. We have interviewed hundreds of organizations and thousands of architects. There is ALWAYS more to that story.
  4. Framework specific comments and suggestions are absolutely welcomed as long as they help us link the ITABoK to that practice. In fact, in the next version we are working on framework specific connections like the ITABoK to SFIAplus integration. Comments like “FEAF already defines this” or “TOGAF doesn’t work that way” will simply be removed as they do not provide a working suggestion for improvement.
  5. Iasa is working towards successful practice and repeatability. Anything you can tell us that works in practice regarding a concept in the ITABoK will be beneficial. Templates (documents), patterns, or references will be gratefully posted for members.
  6. We will do our best to deal with multi-lingual comments. We have authors from all over the world so we may be able to deal with them, but we appreciate english in this first release. Trust me we want a mult-lingual version as much as you.

Getting Tactical

There are two ways to give feedback; a) comments and b) recommendations.

Comments can be entered at the end of any page.

Suggestions can be added by clicking the ‘feedback and issues’ button to the right.

So how do you tell the difference between the two?

  1. Enter a Comment: if you would like to tell the author they are awesome! Or if, you would like to suggest very minor edits to the page, would like to mention something very specific or give a basic opinion that works in practice. Basically this is the opinion area (keep in mind the rules of the road above). NOTE: comments are NOT tracked in our material. We make no promises that we will notice them in the next version.
  2. Enter a Suggestion: if you would like to add to the next version of the ITABoK or suggest a correction that we need to track. This is managed in our Jira and an Iasa staff member assigns issues and suggestions to appropriate ITABoK contributors to determine how they will be handled. We are working on getting this status integrated into the site and available for public review.