Set of business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory functions to support life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment. It includes management of intellectual property of solutions and architectural components within the IT environment. Assets can include document formats, video, audio, configuration information, and any other way that knowledge is stored and transferred.


  • Understands primary concepts in asset management
  • Has working knowledge of asset management technologies
  • Has delivered (or worked with) an asset management solution


Element Description
Hardware and Software Lifecycle Management HW/SW lifecycle management reduces failures and data loss because computer equipment is replaced before it fails, therefore reducing the total cost of asset management over its lifetime.
Service, Warranty and Licensing Management Management practices that help organization to manage portfolio of services, licenses and warranties from multiple vendors, protecting an organization from losses due to mis-licensing or warranty expirations.
Sustainability Management for IT The specification, planning and management of changes to IT assets, systems, processes or practices intended to reduce or constrain consumption and/or disposal of energy or materials, within the context of company strategy and policy, and regulatory and contractual requirements.


Asset Management

Iasa Certification Level Learning Objective
CITA- Foundation
  • Why is Asset Management deemed a ‘primary point of accountability’ for the life-cycle management of IT assets?
  • Explain some primary concepts in asset management.
  • How does Asset Management impact technology strategy decisions?
  • What would be an example of sustainable policy for end-of-life management of equipment?
CITA – Associate
  • Name some of your organization’s accounting policies for capital expense purchases.
  • How can you use product or service warranty expiration in asset management?
  • How can you link architecture lifecycle with asset management processes?
  • How can you enhance performance of assets through good asset management?
CITA – Specialist
  • What is your IT department’s road map for equipment management?
  • How did migration to off-premises technologies impact your asset management strategy?
CITA – Professional
  • How did you gain and maintain control of the asset inventory within the organization?
  • How did you stop ‘leaking’ of assets and established loss detection on the project?



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