We are looking for thought leaders, and subject matter experts like you to help take the ITABoK to version 3.0.

What is the ITABoK?

The forever free standard of practice and body of knowledge.

The Information Technology Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) is a free public archive of IT architecture best practices, skills, and knowledge developed from the experience of individual and corporate members of Iasa, the world’s largest IT architecture professional organization.

The ITABoK provides the tools and resources needed by individuals and organizations to set industry standards for professional career development and well as hiring practices and incorporation of IT architects into established or developing institutions.

In addition to being a reference, a knowledge base and a list of professional capabilities, the ITABoK is meant to be essential in implementing an architecture practice within an organization, without significant changes to other standards, roles, practices and lifecycles.

ITABoK (IT Architect Body of Knowledge)

The IT Architect Body of Knowledge is a collection  of architectural standards and best practices that have been designed and compiled by architects for architects. The collection consists of the “Five Pillars of Architecture”.

 Qualifications to contribute:

  1. Thorough understanding of Iasa’s Five Pillars
  2. Expert in their field of contribution.


  1. The author agrees to create the content individually or collaboratively.
  2. Upon submission the deliverable goes to the peer review process for feedback & revisions.
  3. Expected Time investment is 15 – 20 hours per deliverable

What’s in it for me?

  • Recognition on published Content
  • Profile on ITABoK Contributor Page
  • Contributing Membership Status
  • Contributing Discounted Membership
  • Links to published content for personal references

Now that Iasa has made the body of knowledge public, we have big plans that will make your job MUCH easier. The next version will contain many ‘features’ that help make architecture repeatable and successful.

Contributors may participate in the following working groups

  • Trends and Techniques
  • Revisions of ITABoK v2.0
  • Engagement Models
  • Viewpoint Library
  • Tools Guide

Contact Iasa: If you would like to contribute to the ITABoK, please send us an email at