Working Draft

This site is currently a working draft of the ITABoK 3.0. In the meantime please utilize the current ITABoK version 2.0 


Strategy are common terms used in the ITABoK to describe a set of concepts which relate to the how strategy and its associated methods for execution and use form a part of an overall Architecture capability.

Strategy as a practice’ has had many differing academic viewpoints, with many differing views over the years. The following looks at summarizing how ‘Strategy as a practice’ can be used to help understand differing approaches. Understanding how strategy can both constrain (if it’s done ineffectively or not executed upon) and yet at the same time enable a business is an important consideration for all those looking to understand strategy and considering the many differing approaches to strategy.

There are many challenges at the individual and organizational level when it comes to defining strategy, these include communication, clarity of communication, receptive audience, and scope of communication during its creation and adoption, appropriateness as well as the ability to execute on the defined strategy. These challenges are often magnified by individual perception of what strategy is and how it can be used effectively to support both the desire and need for organizational growth. When comparing methods, it is clear whilst organizations face the same challenges imposed when practicing and considering strategy, most have similarities with regards to inclusion of all organizational interested parties in the strategy setting and communication process.

One of the most powerful tools for understanding your initiatives is to link them to the corporate strategy. The following tool, which is a combination between a strategy map and business scorecard provides insights linking strategy with initiatives as well as methods for extracting key measures used in benefits realization and value methods.

In conclusion, there are many factors and many considerations for understanding the comparisons and contrasts between how organizations approach strategy. Each organization will continue to develop, grow, and adapt their strategies based on the ever changing business landscapes, companies will be driven by their own respective agenda such as Corporate social responsibility, using  ‘Strategy as practice’ methods to see just how successful the companies have been in the strategy setting process in years to come, with consideration and the need for eclecticism and understanding that whichever definitions of strategy we use to compare and contrast the process of strategy setting will offer us insight, value, patterns of best and current proven practice as well as a glimpse that not all definitions or implementations, will transpire to offer the ‘same’ or even consistent results in the same manner for each and every organization we examine.

Strategy tools and methods are an important to the Architects tool-bag, with a myriad of well researched and applied approaches to both understand the setting of strategic driver and more importantly the methods on which to execute them.