Working Draft

This site is currently a working draft of the ITABoK 3.0. In the meantime please utilize the current ITABoK version 2.0 

Rapid and Regular Experimentation

The architecture team is continuously challenged with too much change and too many big projects. As Claudio Perrone says in his book, if change is constant, make it learning continuous. The ITABoK embraces this notion of continuous experimentation using the experiment card and Popcorn Flow.

Experiment Card, Click to Download

Architecture and Experimentation

The notion of experimentation is not new to architects however measuring experiments and using them to drive both architectural change as well as growth in the architecture practice itself is. Organizations using the ITABoK have found a great deal of value out of adopting continuous experimentation as a means of growth in both learning and practice.

Experiment Types and Sizing

There are an infinite number  of possible experiments  to run in an enterprise and getting them just right takes practice and ‘experimentation’. The goal of experiments is to drive continuous learning by reducing the size and increasing the speed of trying new ideas.