Working Draft

This site is currently a working draft of the ITABoK 3.0. In the meantime please utilize the current ITABoK version 2.0 

Ethical Guidelines

1.Consider the enterprise fitness of the client organisation to be your first priority.

2.Respect the rights, autonomy and freedom of choice of the client  & stakeholders. Clarify what are client decisions, what are agreed and what decisions are yours to make

3.Avoid exploiting the client  & stakeholders in any manner.

4.Practise the art and science of architecture to the best of your ability with moral integrity, compassion and respect for human dignity & society.

5.Protect the clients private information for as long as is appropriate

6.Strive to improve your knowledge and skills so that the best possible advice and treatment can be offered to your clients & stakeholders.

7.Adhere to the fundamental practices of architecture while acknowledging the limits of current knowledge and contributing responsibly to innovation and research.

8.Honour the profession, its values and its principles in the ways that best serve the interests of clients & stakeholders.

9.Recognise your own limitations and the special skills of others in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease.

10.Accept a responsibility to assist in the protection and improvement of the client organisation and it’s surrounding ecosystem.

11.Accept a responsibility for maintaining and improving the standards of the profession.


Architecture is a profession not a role.

Architecture impacts health and human value, corporate fiscal interests and culture.

Architects get one major value proposition to society and business just like other professions.

Architects are(n’t) engineers.

Architects have excellent technology skills and focus on pure business.

Architects having good technology skills or experience has nothing to do with reporting to IT or elsewhere.

Architects must grow and retain both business and technology skills over time, we accept that other groups disagree with our choice.

Architects share some skills with other roles but serve a different purpose than any other profession.

Architecture is about value delivery over system delivery.

Meet them where they are

Up and Out Not Down and In

Form over Feature