Business Valuation

Understanding value management techniques is critical to the success of the practicing architect.  How to value technology selection using ROI, NPV, and other financial valuation methods and the application of those financial methods to the architecture practice will also be covered.  Afterwards, we will show examples of the application of these financial management techniques to your architecture decisions. And finally we will connect these architecture valuation practices to the overall value management lifecycle while linking to other value management techniques and modules from the Iasa course curriculum.
Time: 60 minutes

Target Audience

IT architects in every industry

  • IT Architects in ever industry
  • Anyone looking to learn more about Business Valuation

Course Objective

This course will focus on the Financial Expression of Technology Decisions. These techniques allow the architect to express their decisions in numerical and measurable ways.


• Valuation Components
• Valuation Techniques
• Financial Value
• Investment
• Cost Benefit Analysis
• Business Metrics


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