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This site is currently a working draft of the ITABoK 3.0.  In the meantime please utilize the current ITABoK version 2.0

Stakeholder Management

A stakeholder driven approach to architecture is extremely valuable in growing the practice. The goal of a stakeholder management is to better understand each stakeholder in your ecosystem, whether they are the customer, in another business unit or in your own team. Stakeholders very often define the success of an architecture practice especially in early stages of maturity.


Architect Stakeholder Map

The stakeholder map is used to define the stakeholder ecosystem and also helps to define artifacts or other deliverables and expectations among stakeholders and the architecture team. The map is divided into Demand-Side and Supply-Side and into consumers, producers, and key partners. To use add named stakeholders or role names to the approapriate areas realizing that some stakeholders can fit in numerous places. Add deliverables and/or expectations to the stakeholders with arrows focusing on what are the architecture related deliverables in those areas.

Power/Interest Grid

Stakeholder Engagement Map Download Here