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by Per-Magnus Skoogh
Agile architecture used to sound like an oxymoron (like hot ice-cream). In some circles it may still be so, but attitudes to agility are changing quickly. In many organizations architects are creating new ways of working.

But … what exactly does this strange term mean, and how does it differ from “normal” architecture? Which are the new principles and practices? Are there any principles? This has not been clear at all.

This is, however, changing quickly. First out to formally and seriously, in a framework, address what agile architecture means, is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

In here, the architect actually has a job, surprise! Even though definitions are not in-depth, it is a great start and we will discuss what it means in practice and draw conclusions about where we are likely heading in the near future.

A future that will mean a lot of change for many roles, including architects.

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