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by Paul Preiss

Paul Preiss, an expert on the architect organization, will guide you through not only the current thinking about architect organizations but a comprehensive engagement model (utilizing any framework you want as well as agile principles) that works in practice.

There are as many ways to organize architects as there are organizations. Most companies have a haphazard accidental approach, a few here and a few there. Ask one group of architects how many there are in the organization and they will tell you how many there are in their group, never knowing there is another team that sits two floors below.

Solution architects, software architects, application architects, arguably the same basic skillset yet radically different deployments. Not to mention the crazy evolution of the EA team and the business architecture team.

This convoluted organizational structure leads to massive inconsistency in architectures capability to address even the most basic goals of the team.

There is good news however, and it comes in many forms. First is, that it has been the experience of the presenter that quality people significantly beat organizing principles for architecture success.

Ten highly qualified people deployed randomly, will consistently outperform even the most well funded and backed team regardless of structure. The other is that we are learning more and more about high quality people based engagement models which help guarantee successful results.
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