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Certain teams (such as the “domains” in Services) allocate budget to manager-nominated individuals.  Connect with your manager to see if training budget has been allocated for the Iasa course, exam or certification you are interested in.

As an investment in learning, we are establishing certification goals to demonstrate and track Microsoft commitment to staff learning. Certification supports a wide range of outcomes:

  • independent validation of demonstrated knowledge and experience
  • recognition, confidence and achievement for the individual
  • support for growing professionalism, lifelong learning & talent retention
  • an architecture focus that supports new technology challenges.

Wayne Anderson at Avanade says “all things considered, adding CITA-P to my resume has been a red-letter achievement in my career — a headline, years in the making, requiring hard work and mental gymnastics to look at what I thought I knew in different ways.”  Read the full the article in Certification Magazine.

Most successful architects point to the different perspectives needed. “The process of CITA-P certification caused me to review my work history through the lens of different architectural disciplines and assess my strengths and weaknesses in each. When I engaged with a new customer, I was better able to understand their different expectations and deliver accordingly. I was also able to communicate to others clearly the boundaries of responsibility that I and my teammates would work within.”

From a senior Architect:  “On a personal level, my certification has been valuable to me in furthering my career. When I applied for a more senior position, I included my Iasa CITA-P certification prominently on my resume. The hiring manager was aware of Iasa and so understood and appreciated the breadth and value of the certification. It may not have been the decisive factor in my hiring, but it certainly contributed positively.”

Iasa certifications are the first global industry architect certifications that are completely vendor independent and run only by practicing architects. Iasa provides four levels of certification which describe the major milestones in an architect’s career.

Regardless of where you are in your career Iasa Global has a certification for you. The Iasa Certification Program delineates a four-tier certification path designed to level-set architects based on a combination of criteria including education, experience and test-based examination of professional knowledge of architectural skills and management.

Four levels of certification are offered.  Please discuss the entry point with your manager; we expect PFE and Consultant roles to achieve CITA-F, Architects to achieve CITA-A and a small number of Senior Architects to achieve CITA-S/P by the end of this fiscal year (June 2017).

Certified IT Architect – Foundation (CITA-F) shows awareness of the Foundation ITABoK through a multiple-choice exam.  There are eight one-hour online self-paced modules.

Certified IT Architect – Associate (CITA-A) demonstrates practical application of Associate ITABoK and their Specialization ITABoK through multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer and design challenge questions. There is pre-work, self-assessment, online modules and an online exam. The usual time required is two hours per week for 12 weeks.

Certified IT Architect – Specialist (CITA-S) and Certified IT Architect – Professional (CITA-P) demonstrate synthesis and industry leadership in the Skills Taxonomy, their primary Specialization, depth in a particular domain or sub-specialization, as well as a significant contribution to industry and profession through research, mentoring and other contributions. This will be demonstrated through experience, documentation, presentation, contribution descriptions, verification and online or in-person panel interview.  The full CITA-P is a 24-week certification program; however, the initial assessment may indicate areas of existing competence or a preference for a deep specialization resulting in CITA-S.

In any case, this program will take a significant commitment of time and you should discuss with your manager and plan on how this commitment will fit with your consulting engagements and your home /work balance. The first cohorts will complete certification early in FY18.

The biggest distinguishing factor for the CITA-P Certification is that it is validated by the community of practicing architects in the form of a professional association, rather than companies, vendors, or governments. This method of certification has historically been the only successful process for professionalization. IASA is part way through ANSI/ISO certification.

You will receive a framed certificate. You will also have access to the appropriate logo to include on business cards and email signature.  We are negotiating with Acclaim to add a badge to your LinkedIn profile (more on this soon).

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