As we transition into FY20, we are still discussing contracts and coverage for the various teams or  domains at Microsoft.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in one or more of the pathways below to determine if your team is covered.

Microsoft Services has contracted with Iasa to add recognized certifications to the readiness curriculum. Iasa is the premier association focused on the architecture profession through the advancement of good practice and education while delivering programs and services to IT architects of all levels around the world.  Our plan is simple; create an international community of practicing architects and allow that body to drive standards according to their current needs. The IT architecture profession is continuously evolving and architects everywhere are eager to learn about the latest technology and practices. Iasa helps make this possible for thousands of practicing architects around the world.

Iasa certifications are the first global industry architect certifications that are completely vendor independent and run only by practicing architects. Iasa provides levels of certification which describe the major milestones in an architect’s career. Regardless of where you are in your career Iasa Global has a certification for you. The Iasa Certification Program delineates a four-tier certification path designed to level-set architects based on a combination of criteria including education, experience and test-based examination of your professional knowledge of architectural skills and capabilities.

So which certification is right for you?

Click on the icons to review the learning pathways at each level.

If you are considering a career in Architecture or perhaps manage Architects, consider Foundation (CITA-F) to gain insight and common language across the Architect profession. In order to pass the exam for certification, a thorough and complete understanding of the IT Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) is necessary. Create a profile, complete the prerequisites and then take the CITA-F exam.

If you are already a Consultant or Architect, start with Associate (CITA-A). Create a profile and select a CITA-A course in your region to complete the Business Technology Strategy curriculum. Although the exam consists of 100 multiple choice and true/false questions, they will require utilizing the knowledge acquired in the associate course and BTS material to find solutions to posed scenarios.

If your Architect Manager has suggested Specialist (CITA-S) or Professional (CITA-P) then select a CITA-P course in your region to prepare you for passing a board of your peers.

To get going,  start your review of the self-paced Architecture Body of Knowledge (ITABoK) and schedule learning modules. You will also receive IASA Membership for one year giving you access to a global community, monthly e-Summits and other career resources.


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