Project Description

By Vinu Jade


The Theme of the Session is “Excelling in Business Perception and Bring Value to Enterprise with Strategy & Architecture”Cuting_edge

Cutting Edge paradigm provides a simple yet holistic view of enterprise business. It provides the necessary quick assessment and understanding of an organization business for architects to orient their concepts and design to deliver value. The use of simple notational tool to represent what will be the core areas of business, revenue focus, Customer and Product Value chain makes it simple for building business case and adoption of right technology to benefit the priority areas within the organization. Further, the session will focus on Adopting this paradigm using ICE with Analogy to Water body, Landmass & Life to Support, Sustain and Succeed.

They ensure right fitment of (Sustenance) Projects, People, Products etc. (Ps) with its Model, Mitigate, Manage etc. (Ms.) with Innovation, Intelligence etc. (Is), in context of Business, Technology & Environment (Support), and bring Value (Life) of architecture to business (Succeed).

The importance of 4 Strategic Architecture Dimensions – Business & Technology, each with its respective architectures is the basis for adopting ICE in the paradigm. This will lead to IASA 5 Pillar Capability model to define the Transformation journey, either Technology Strategy or Business Strategy Driven. The Value of Architecture is measured based on the Capability mapped to Business needs and dimensions (Business Strategy or Technology Strategy or both).

It will be useful for both Technologists and Business Leads alike to apply this paradigm to practice when they go back to their work from the session.

Observations based on Experience – Why this session

Business Professionals and their strategists have lack of clarity in understanding value benefits – Is IT Worth the investment or is IT a cost center?. Their priority focus is in improving supply chain or customer retention and product innovation based on economics and market dynamics for a profitable growth.

The value of dedicated Business strategists and domain modelers are not very recognized in organizations,. They are not easily available in the market. Few internal drivers are executing this role, in each of their own methods within their area. They are unable to perceive an enterprise wide impact on any changes to their domain, for e.g. Customer acquisition, product innovation, billing, marketing etc., on overall landscape of enterprises.

Technology Professionals and their strategists are in a silo of their own. They lack in understanding the business, to provide value. These professionals are more focused on software or ‘ware’ sale with newer hype terms – SOA, BPM, Cloud, Big Data to name a few, which business are not able to comprehend how it benefits them.

The art of Enterprise Architecture is in an IT wrap, rather than an enterprise value. There are few experts who provide solutions to domain issues through architectural transformation, which are tactical in nature. This is limited to Vendor product suites or limited to domains. Applicability of this to cross functional domain solutions, purely enterprise is rare. There is lack of strategists group who understand Business to direct or deliver best value from technology, more so in Information technology. This is often driven by knowledge shared by IT vendors with conflict of interest in directing business to adopt the right technology

The aspect of keeping business alive with low cost of investment has been one of the factors for IT projects failing 66% of time as per analysts ( Gartner). The Technology projects rarely have a view of returns of investment paradigm with Business Value transformation or strategic approach.

Even if direction to adopt right technology is provided, implementation partners do not seem to understand how best to execute, especially transformation program.


Understand Overview of Business, Its imperatives and Where Technology fits

Understand The major impact factors of IT on Business, to be profitable and competitive in the market using Cutting Edge Paradigm

Understand The key benefits and strategic values of Architecture to the business by opting to combine the best practices of Architecting with an agile IT and Business Strategy.

Conceptual POV To accept both business and IT teams need to handle the challenges by synergy with an enterprise view, within Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE)

Appreciate Various architecting transformation with the business to map the planned organizational strategy, processes and governance

Perceive How operational needs get simplified with this approach based on Business Model – Process and Domain

Awareness EA as an essential skill – comprehend that important essentialities for future alignment of IT to Business and vice versa is in – Enterprise Architecture Practice – involving both Business and IT brains

Introspection Are these skills inherent in you, Do you fit the role, How can you improve the skills to be successful in implementing

Discuss Possible methods to achieve this skill and expertise, given your exposure to the situation and experience

Focus Points

Understand Business using Cutting Edge Paradigm

Adopt Paradigm to bring Alignment between Technology and Business Strategy in an ICE (Integrated Collaborative Environment) with IASA 5 Pillars

Work Bench 1 ( 45 Minutes) Capability to Measure Business Value through Transformation (Business and Technology) for a Manufacturing and or Banking Scenario

Work Bench 2 ( 45 Minutes ) Methodology to Architect a Transformation Journey using any Framework adopting the Paradigm for Manufacturing and or Banking Scenario


IASA 5 Pillars, TOGAF ADM, Business Model Canvas, Process and Domain Modeling, Agile IT, ITIL – ISO – COBIT Governance framework

Quiz for Session. Case Study & Work shop available for Interested

Materials Reference

5 Pillars of IASA


Other Resources

The Session has reference to presentation of few webinars and workshops conducted by the author in APAC and India. The reference to the same is available in both YouTube and IASA Website.

Particular Interest to:

  • Practicing Architects with 5 – 8 years exp
  • Business Architects
  • Program Managers
  • CIOs

India Chapter Integrating Business and Technology Strategy with ICE

Understanding Enterprise Architecture Value to Business

Understanding Business with Cutting Edge Paradigm




In 25+ years of work experience, Mr. Vinu Jade, Ambassador, India Chapter Lead, IASA Global and a practicing Enterprise Architect at jDruids presently, has held leadership roles including Technology Advisory, and Chief Architect & Technology Officer at Major Automotives in United States as well as India. In recent past, he was Chief Enterprise Architect at Asia’s Largest Banks in China, and Malaysia. He has worked as Head of Corporate Technology Group, leading Enterprise Architecture, in Asia’s Largest IT Systems Integrator. He has been an Advisor to CIO at South Africa’s Large transport Enterprise. He has experience in working in Telecommunication, Hospitality & Hi tech industries in a strategic role for driving IT organization.

He is an expert in providing corporate level practical Enterprise Architecture Orientation and Training to large number of senior architects in major System Integrators, Banks and Automotive organizations in India, United States and APAC, adopting Open Group and IASA. He is Certified Instructor for IASA Global. He has been a part of Academic Advisory council for Computer & Software Architecture in universities in United States and India.