Project Description

Speaker: Kyle Kinkade

As intrinsic human needs have become increasingly easy to satisfy, humans are searching for deeper, more meaningful experiences with the world around them. In contrast, businesses today continue to promote cultures devoted to revenue growth, efficiency, and cost reduction, driving architecture to become exceedingly introspective. As the gap between businesses and the humans with which they interact widens, architects must strive to connect them by designing and structuring businesses and systems using human experiences. Architects must also embrace and advocate innovation and creativity in their work using the emotional and cultural dimensions of those human experiences as their source of inspiration. This session is designed for those who desire to drive architectural connectivity between businesses and the needs and experiences of customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This session is also designed for those who want to drive innovation and creativity in business and technology from an architectural perspective, as well as explore the implications of human-centered design on architecture.

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