Project Description

By:  Principal Solution Architect, Deluxe Corporation

Many who have entered the young profession of IT Architecture have done so through a ?back door.? One can enter by virtue of lots of IT experience, but sooner or later that person will hit the wall as the challenges and expectations of the position set in. Iasa?s structuring of the IT architecture profession–Five Pillars, certifications, and professional development activities–help you see what you?ve been good at, what you?ve been averse to, and what you?ve not accepted as part of the job but really was. For individual practitioners, understanding this is energizing. For companies, having an architecture organization that consists of knowledgeable, energized staff who work under clearly defined roles and responsibilities can be the difference between success and failure. Hear about opportunities for individuals and companies to leverage the wealth of resources Iasa offers and be part of its work to move the profession forward.