Project Description

by: Frank Wu

In this presentation Frank Wu (Regional Account Manager / Evangelist for Basho), will cover a brief technical introduction to Riak, an open-source NoSQL key/value datastore, and specific implementations and examples within large enterprises. Currently deployed in 1 in 3 Fortune 50, the presentation will cover a variety of verticals including: Healthcare, Government, Financial, Web 2.0, Internet-of-Things, and more and also provide a look at how Basho Technologies interacts with the open-source community and large enterprises with a focus on adoption and use/cases. Frank Wu is a Regional Account Manager / Evangelist for Basho. He is the team lead in New York City, Frank provides Tech Talks to DBAs, Developers, IT Architects, Operations, and more to Fortune 500 enterprises that are investigating new non-relational data stores. Unfortunately because of existing Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements from Basho with their customers we are not allowed to show the case studies discussion section. Basho Technologies has been kind enough to provide us with a list of publicly available videos to learn more about Riak and how some Companies are using it:
State Farm Riak Talk: De-normalizing data for Riak ( ) on Riak – Patterns of Innovation ( )
MySQL to Riak Migration by Dell/Enstratius by George Reese ( )
MySQL to Riak Migration by The Weather Channel ( )
Turner Broadcasting – Riak for Web Events, Large Scale Data Platform ( )
Smart Water Meter Company — Temetra for Riak ( )