Architect with Cutting Edge Paradigm in an Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE)

By Vinu Jade Overview The Theme of the Session is "Excelling in Business Perception and Bring Value to Enterprise with Strategy & Architecture" Cutting Edge paradigm provides a simple yet holistic view of enterprise business. It provides the necessary quick assessment and understanding of an organization business for architects to orient their concepts and design

The Architect as The Strategist

Strategy is one of the most used but least understood words in any organization’s lexicon. CIOs want clearer business strategy to improve IT’s performance. Business leaders want clearer IT strategy to ensure they can create successful products and services. Architects have an excellent opportunity to lead the way by designing, implementing, and managing a strategy-to-execution

The Right Fit: The Enterprise Architect Selection Dilemma

By Paul T. Preiss “Who in the world am I? Ah that’s the great puzzle” Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland A December 2013 article by Joe McKendrick on ZDNet “What Employers Want from Enterprise Architects” focuses on the Enterprise Architect role for businesses. The article cites an increasing demand for talented Enterprise Architects supported

Introduction to Open Source and the Need for Governance and Compliance

By Phil Odence Abstract: In this webinar presented by Phil Odence, Vice President of Corporate and Business Development of Black Duck Software will discuss: What open source software is and key market trends, Compliance challenges associated with un-managed open source use, Benefits of a pro-active approach to open source use compliance, Best practices in realizing