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Building Secure Architectures – Jim D. Hietala, Rob Ramer, Bob Bennett

Speakers: Jim D. Hietala, Rob Ramer, Bob Bennett This session will begin with a panel discussion on key information security issues that are facing organizations of all types. - Is security a business issue or a technical issue? - How can architects build security capabilities into their plans? - What are the risks and opportunities we

Leveraging Business Architecture for Effective Crisis Management – Richard Daddi

Speaker: Richard Daddi Crisis is inevitable. Unfortunately, when crisis strikes organizations often lose their way, finding themselves in a state of chaos. Illuminating lessons from a career of successfully managing crisis situations, this talk illuminates eight actionable insights that will enable leaders to successfully navigate any crisis. Because each of these insights is grounded in,

Competitive Strategy Starts with Value Proposition – Donald Jess

Speaker: Donald Jess This value proposition and required capabilities can be identified using the Strategic Capability Networks. The capabilities must be in alignment with a consistent Enterprise Operations Model with regard to the extent of business process integration and standardization. Capabilities execution is enabled by a portfolio of underlying enabling services. The capability the enabling

Realizing Business Value From Big Data & IoT Technologies – Aditya Thadani

Speaker: Aditya Thadani Over the last few years, we have seen rapid technological maturity in both Big Data and Internet of Things trends. As the technology in both of these categories continue to mature, it has created new opportunities for creating business value from information services. At the same time, this confluence presents new challenges

The Architect as the Strategist – Jeff Scott

Speaker: Jeff Scott Strategy is one of the most used but least understood words in any organization’s lexicon. CIOs want clearer business strategy to improve IT’s performance. Business leaders want clearer IT strategy to ensure they can create successful products and services. Architects have an excellent opportunity to lead the way by designing, implementing, and

Architects as Innovation Advocates – Kyle Kinkade

Speaker: Kyle Kinkade As intrinsic human needs have become increasingly easy to satisfy, humans are searching for deeper, more meaningful experiences with the world around them. In contrast, businesses today continue to promote cultures devoted to revenue growth, efficiency, and cost reduction, driving architecture to become exceedingly introspective. As the gap between businesses and the

Business Architecture for Agility and Growth – Warwick Alcock

Speaker: Warwick Alcock This performance-focused approach consists of systemically linked performance drivers and enablers that are known to have a cumulative impact on organizational performance. Some of these elements are common to existing TQM frameworks that many are familiar with, such as the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, the European Framework for Quality Management, the