As an Iasa member you have access to a variety of membership benefits – through your local chapter – and through Iasa Global. Iasa strives to create and offer activities and resources that help grow the individual architect.

To determine the activities and resources most beneficial for you at this point in your career Iasa has created a self-assessment for all members. This self-assessment serves as tool for Iasa members evaluating their own skills and capabilities for further career growth and certification.

Iasa certification is a deliberate and disciplined approach to assure consistent validation of proficiency and experience of practicing IT architects. It is based on a defined set of principles, models, disciplines, concepts, guidelines, and proven practices developed by members of Iasa. The five foundation pillars are the core principles upon which all Iasa certification is based.

This self-assessments contains 42 questions assessing your skills and capabilities in Iasa’s “Five Pillars”. To give yourself enough time to properly assess yourself, please plan on 45 minutes to complete the assessment. You must complete the assessment in one session.¬†Upon completion your score will be calculated for each pillar and you can download your results.

The assessment is a member benefit or you can purchase access. Please click below to register and receive the link to begin the self-assessment.
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