The service interface design canvas fully describes the elements needed to describe a product, service or API delivered by a team. It describes the service from the outside-in including the consumption economics, service level agreements and dependencies.

AreaDescriptionLinks To
DependenciesOther products, services or teams upon which the service depends. May also be used for dependencies on roadmap elements or external products. Roadmaps, Agile Team Canvas
Value PropositionWhat are the value elements the service provides. How does it deliver value? How is it measured as successful? This is separate from its quality attributes. Benefits Card, OKR, Lean Business Case
InteractionsThe managed interface descriptions to the service including commands, queries, and other access options such as input values.
ConsumersDescribes the consumers of the service and how they interact with it. Who or what will use the service? How will they use it? How often will they use it?
Rules/Policies/ConventionsPrinciples, guidelines, and rules pertaining to using the service. For example any business rules it implements, any common conventions or allowed/disallowed usage.
Quality AttributesThe quality
Information, Validation & Exceptions
Developer Consumer
Development, Support & Cost
Metrics & Analytics
Consumption Economics