Stakeholder motivation helps in understanding the status of stakeholders in respect of a particular set of proposed changes. This can be used to understand how stakeholders position themselves in relation to a portfolio of assignments but it can also be used to assess how stakeholders will react to proposed changes in the architecture, and assess if these changes are feasible.

AreaDescriptionLinks To
Proposed ChangeThe initiatives, projects, products or other items to be changed. NABC (may come from)
AntiStakeholders who appear to be opposed to the changes and why. N/A
NeutralStakeholders who appear to be unconcerned with the changes. N/A
FacilitateStakeholders who will help in a secondary capacity but are positive. N/A
Active InvolvementActively positive stakeholders directly involved in the initiative. N/A
Stakeholder ListThe agreed list of stakeholders related to the change(s). Stakeholder Management Plan