The stakeholder management plan provides the list of groups and individuals that impact any initiative and forms the core of the stakeholder templates, cards and canvases. The goal of the list is to provide a management plan for a group of stakeholders. The list is created using the set of additional and linked stakeholder cards and canvases.

AreaDescriptionLinks To
MotivationsStakeholder Motivation Canvas
Interest In InitiativesPower/Interest Canvas, Stakeholder Initiative Canvas
Power Over IniativesPower/Interest Canvas, Stakeholder Initiative Canvas
SCARF ScoreSCARF Assessment Card
Communications StyleCommunication Strategy Canvas
Personality TypeStakeholder Empathy Card
Communications FrequencyStakeholder Empathy Card
Current DispositionStakeholder Empathy Card
Needed DispositionStakeholder Empathy Card
Personal FactStakeholder Empathy Card
Trusted AdvisorsStakeholder Empathy Card
DeliverablesArchitect Stakeholder Canvas