The strategy scorecard is a combination of a strategy map and a balanced scorecard. It is used to link strategic objectives to initiatives, Projects/Products, and measurements. The strategy scorecard is a tool used significantly in business. The columns align the goals of the executive levels to actual project/product level work. To do this it needs to be ‘layered’ against objectives meaning successive levels of detailed objectives can be added under the objectives and aligned with capabilities or delivery groups. It can be used with Roadmaps, and many other SCA tools.

AreaDescriptionLinks To
Strategy MapThe strategy map is a tool to simplify executive strategic focus and the relationship to customer outcomes, internal processes and people competencies.
ObjectivesThe objectives column lists the objectives which are the goal of the organization aligned with their strategic impact area. OKR, Benefits Card
MeasurementThe measure to change in the objective. OKR, Benefits Card
TargetsThe goal of the objective, the number or percent of change. OKR, Benefits Card
InitiativesThe projects/products which will deliver the change to the measurement. NABC (described as)
Financial, MissionThe area of impact aligned with Financial outcomes (for profit businesses) or Mission objectives for non-profit or government businesses.
Customer, BeneficiariesThe objectives for the customer and customer outcomes. This would be described as beneficiaries in a non-profit or government business. Business Model Canvas (impacts), Mission Model Canvas (impacts)
InternalThe are of capabilities and business processes which will deliver the change to customers/beneficiaries. Capability Model, Services
LearningThe competencies and learning that the organization staff will have to improve to achieve the changes. May also include a systems or technical level.